Monday, November 2, 2009

turn that shit up!

At work, my new job is to "keep busy." This has proven a very difficult feat. I need to get more creative or ambitious in order to make my pay worth it. The cons of speeding up the process at a restaurant: There is more free time, which is not as fun at work as it is anywhere else.

I have been craving a walk up Bluemont Hill. I want to just be up there. It rained today and maybe all night (so far,) but I think I might still go today. It always makes me really appreciate myself to see the whole town and realize that I am a shining display of individuality in a town brimming with wonderful people and trees and animals. Topeka-zation or not, Manhattan is the bee's knees.

I have taken to sitting in the dark, again. In fact, I have picked up quite a few old habits since I have been feeling so depressed lately. Showering and bathing in the dark is an old favorite. These are all things I do to make myself feel good about being sad, not necessarily to make me feel, actually, better. I'm not quite sure the remedy. Cereal for dinner two nights in a row surely can't be it, but it sure doesn't hurt (especially if I go on that walk!?)

About a week and a half ago I had this one night stand, which I also thought would brighten my spirits. Sex is just not as good when you don't really want to sleep with the person. Especially if you don't want to fall asleep with the person. I have been known to skip out on many morning afters. This was one I couldn't avoid, and I'm kind of pissed at myself for putting me in that position. Damn!

Halloween was definitely very strange. Too many jell-o shots, too much smoke. I definitely need to refrain from getting "yo-sista'd" ever again. It seriously robs me of my memory and free will. I just become a blur of waves and giggles, and I don't even remember half of what happened at all! I hate it, absolutely. Being a crazy party boy (boi, if we're going to be politically correct,) is not all it's cracked up to be. My eyes are half, half of the time. Time to chill out and just drink brewskies. Also, no natty or keystone kegs ever again. My innards hurt all day Saturday from three cups of beer on Friday. No good.

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