Friday, January 29, 2010

a little bit tired, but brand new!

I have decided that curly hair is the best thing to have.  Yes, sometimes your hair gets to frizzy it looks like you are wearing a muppet as a hat, and sometimes it gets itself in a knot that you have to cut out, but most of the time it's beautiful.  I love seeing long curly tresses and cutey little curls around a boy's ear.  It's the best.  If there is any hair better than curly hair, it's chest hair (mmph.)

Anyway, there are lots of other advantages.  Straightening your hair can take hours, but everyone will always tell you how much they like it straight and how come you don't do it more often?  So, you do it more often and wake up early in the morning to do it and yadda yadda, but then!  You get lazy and don't have it, and your hair is suddenly a freakshow of curls.  What do you do?  Well, just take care of it how you did before you started straightening it.  This can often be a ritualistic, choreographed thing, or a foggy memory of what once was.  After that is done, people will rush to tell you how beautiful your hair is when it's curls and whirls and why do you straighten it so much?  It's a win-win.

The truth is, hair is always beautiful and good when it's taken care of, but curly hair is a prize pony in a sea of horses.  The curlier the better

Curls curls curls all I'm thinking of is curls.

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