Friday, September 4, 2009

Notepad Note Novels

So, my textphone has a "notepad" option, very similar to "WordPad" on computers. So similar, in fact, that it's the same thing. Sometimes I forget to bring my moleskine book to work, so when I use the facilities I have nothing to write in (I work at a pizza parlor, so the best time to write is in the bathroom.) One such day I was flipping through my phone and noticed that there were a bunch of things written in my notepad, all from Rachel Quinn. I deleted most of them to make room for my own poems, but because of them I decided to start using my phone to write poems.
Here are some:
"Notepad Note Novels" - April 27, 7:42 pm

"You know how celebrities always die in threes? Well, who else but Billy Mays would throw in a fourth for free?" - July 1, 12:08 am

"In a dream you were my hands" - July 7, 2:16 pm

"Because nothing is stronger than nature, not even nature." - July 12, 2:46 pm

"Little snippets of how i felt about my father" - July 17, 4:38 pm

"Stars light up to about sixty percent." - July 24, 2:23 pm

"All that I could hear was she, was staring back into us. A force of "goodbye, thanks for everything," in which you could feel embers of "don't bring me here" and shards of broken glass saying we were done and your embrace wasn't even mine to want anymore." - July 24, 3:29 pm

"And that was his last moment with us, the lights low as he sat across the room with his own, private rendition of 'O Fortuna' - a pretty and honest falsetto." - July 30, 2:43 pm

"A new worst way to feel." - July 30, 7:37 pm

"Broken up bits of wax lay still as a beauty mark. The ravine is deep but the boat is wide." September 2, 10:53 am


I've spent the past few days trying to get back to myself, because I got too wrapped up in trying to please a friend of mine. Her involvement in my life has become more of a trial than a merry happening, at times, but I never address her offenses while they happen. Because I am not proactive, the problem isn't getting solved. Woops.

Last night I partied with sorority girls. It was fantastic and amazing. Essence and I discussed weaves. Typical.

In good news, today is Beyonce's birthday, I got a raise, and I think I might actually get labor day off.
In bad news, I am still a nervous nancy when it comes to boys.

Your Pokemon Boyfriend.

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